FAQ : SpeedCut™ .325 Saw Chain

The SpeedCut™ .325 saw chain was designed to meet this needs of demanding professional users- arborists, loggers, and rural landowners. Optimized for saws under 55cc engine displacement, the SpeedCut™ .325 saw chain is designed to deliver exceptional cutting speed to maximize productivity on the job.

SpeedCut™ is currently available in .325 pitch only.

Kerf is the width of a cutting face. The wider the cutting face, the more resistance in the cut. By creating a narrow cutting face, SpeedCut™ saw chain is able to move through the cut faster than a standard kerf saw chain.

SpeedCut™ .325 saw chain features .050 Drive links, which can be used with any .050 Gauge guide bar. However, the saw chain chassis features a narrow-kerf design for less resistance in the cutting material. For best results, Oregon recommends matching a SpeedCut™ saw chain to a Speedcut™, Micro-lite™, or Pixel narrow-kerf guide bar.

The SpeedCut™ cutter is designed to mirror the shape of a precision hand filed saw chain. The Micro chisel® cutter features a rounded corner for fast cutting and ease of maintenance. The combination of unique cutter shape and extra large gullet (the area between the cutting face and depth gauge) results in a cutter that is exceptionally easy to maintain.

SpeedCut™ is not currently available in a narrow-kerf full chisel cutter. Oregon does offer a full-chisel standard kerf .325 saw chain under the model number 20LPX.

SpeedCut™ .325 saw chain is made in Canada at our Guelph, Ontario manufacturing facility.

Oregon recommends a 3/16” file with a 35 degree top plate angle. The depth gauge to top plate distance is recommended at .025”.

Lubri-Well™ has been replaced by Lubritec™- Oregon’s next-generation oiling system. Lubritec™ is designed to extend guide bar and saw chain life by better directing oil to critical areas of the cutting system- guide bar rails and saw chain rivet joints.

SpeedCut™ .325 saw chain is made from oregon’s exclusive, patented OCS01 steel alloy. OCS01 is designed to deliver superior durability in a wide range of cutting conditions and ambient temperatures.

SpeedCut™.325 saw chain (95TXL) will replace oregon’s 95VPX series of saw chain.

Oregon will offer replacement tie straps & preset tie straps, drive links, and cutters.

The SpeedCut™ .325 saw chain uses a new type of dry-touch oil for rust prevention. The new oil provides extended corrosion resistance and is easier to handle out of box, in the field.

SpeedCut™ .325 saw chains will be available in comparable retail package configurations to 95VPX.

SpeedCut™ .325 saw chain includes the Vibe-Ban® feature which is designed to reduce ergonomic vibration by at least 25%.

FAQ : Light-weight Professional Guide Bars

Oregon’s offers various types of Light-weight profesionnal guide bars made for different applications.

SpeedCut™ guide bars feature oregon’s narrow-kerf design technology and are intended to be paired with SpeedCut™ .325 saw chain. The SpeedCut™ system is optimized to provide maximum cutting speed for saws under 55cc displacement.

Oregon’s engineers have redesigned the nose components from the ground-up. New materials, manufacturing processes, and designs combine to produce our best ever sprocket nose. New roller bearings and a debris shim work in unison to reduce friction and retain oil in the system while reducing debris entry.

Oregon® has combined an enhanced heat treat process with more durable 4150 chromoly steel laminates to create our most durable laminated guide bar rails.

Oregon’s engineers have utilized technology from the aerospace industry to bond a Light-weight aluminum core to high-strength steel side laminates. The new design architecture delivers the lightest and strongest laminated guide bar we have ever made.

A new manufacturing process has been developed to ensure the guide bar groove remain free of paint. Keeping paint out of the guide bar groove allows for a truer chain track, reducing rail wear and chain throw.

The Lubritec™ oiling system is designed to direct lubrication to where its needed most. The Lubritec™ angled oil channel is designed to direct lubrication to the chain drive link channels which lift oil to the guide bar rails and chain rivets- reducing guide bar rail wear and extending saw chain life.

Oregon’s new Light-weight professional guide bars are made on a new state-of-the-art automated production line at our Fuzhou, China manufacturing facility.

Light-weight professional guide bars will replace Pro-Lite® guide bars.

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