FAQ : Gator® SpeedLoad™

Gator® SpeedLoad™ is a new Oregon brushcutter cutting system: it is composed of a head and a disc shaped line.

GSL is for everybody, whether you are professionally trimming every day or working at home from time to time.

The three heads were designed to fit most petrol brushcutters: 24-225 & 24-275 will fit machines >25cc while 24-550 is meant for >33cc.

There are two head diameters: 108mm and 130mm. There are two 108mm versions: The 24-225 & 24-275. 130mm verion is 24-550.

Discs come in 3 different sizes: small heads (24-225 & 24-275) can fit 2,0mm and 2,4mm discs while the large head (24-550) can fit 2,4mm and 3,0mm discs.

We’ve developped a list of brands & models on which Gator® SpeedLoad™ fits. You will find it on our website: OregonProducts.com/GSL

The 2,0mm version of the small disc is 4,32m

The 2,4mm version of the small disc is 3,86m

The 2,4mm version of the large disc is 7m

The 3,0mm version of the large disc is 5,52m

The two small heads (24-225 & 24-275) come in a clamshell. The big head (24-550) will be presented in a cardboard box.

Each head packaging is composed of a Gator® Speedload™ head, 1 pre-mounted disc & 1 set of washer rings and/or adapters.

Each Gator® SpeedLoad™ line width (2,0mm, 2,4mm & 3,0mm) come in pack of 3, 10 or 25 discs.

No, only Gator® SpeedLoad™ line will fit in the Gator® SpeedLoad™ head.

In theory, you could unwind Gator® SpeedLoad™ discs and feed it in a standard head. That is not what Oregon recomends though.

If you want to use disc shaped line in a standard head, we recommend you to use Spyro™

The heads were designed in Italy and made in China. The discs are made in France.

With the number of brushcutters brands and models in the market, it is a challenge to guarantee the Gator® SpeedLoad™ fits 100% of them.

We are confident it should fit more than 95% of machines, including all major brands.

You can put the disc either way, it will still work.

There is, however, a best way depending on the rotation of you marchine. The metal plate on which you place the disc shows through icons how to adapt the disc in function of the rotation of your machine.

24-225 includes all adaptors you need to fix it to your extended spindle brushcutter.

24-275 & 24-550 only includes washers (rings) to adapt the head shaft to the right tickness of the machine thread.

You will need the original nut/screw sold with your brushcutter to fix the head.

Gator® SpeedLoad™ has been developed to outperform in the heaviest low grass, high grass & weeds environments.

Fencing, soft edging, hard edging are perfect conditions to experience the outstanding performance of Gator® SpeedLoad™.

Lower head cover (including eyelets and knob) - part numbers:

- 24-101 for 24-225 and 24-275

- 24-103 for 24-550

Knob - part numbers:

- 24-102 for 24-225 and 24-275

- 24-104 for 24-550

Open the head and check if the line is not stuck between the disc and the base plate of the cover.

Remove the line and make sure it runs free through the eyelets.

Check if the right washer/adaptor was used to adapt the head shaft perfectly to the width of the machine threath.

To make the large head as resistant as possible, the side taps are stiff à open 1 side tap at the time and the large head is very easy to open.